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Opera Reborn3

Добавлено: Чт май 23, 2019 1:50 am
директор школы
Enjoy more secure and anonymous browsing with our free and unlimited browser VPN. When enabled, the VPN creates an encrypted connection to our servers and replaces your local IP address with a virtual one, keeping your personal information more secure and private even when using a public Wi-Fi network. The browser VPN does not log or retain any activity data, all to protect your privacy.

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Do you find aggressive ads disruptive to your browsing? With our built-in ad blocker, you can opt out of this cluttered version of the Web and block out distractions.

Crypto Wallet - это не знаю зачем
Opera is the first Web 3-ready browser. Its integrated Crypto Wallet lets you store and use cryptocurrency, complete blockchain-secured transactions, and browse and use Web 3 applications (dApps) right from your browser.